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Silvia Krauer (*1983) is originally from Lucerne and works as a teacher for German, History and general education in Bern and Lucerne.

Silvia is the one who runs Silvias Farm, realizing a dream of  her childhood. She hosts our guests, organises courses and leisure activities, works with our volunteers and gives German lessons to international guests and volunteers. As Silvia loves being outdoor and doing sports, she joins all the activities like kayaking, climbing, mountaineering...


Silvia boasts 13 years' teaching secondary school students and adults. She completed her education for being a highschool teacher (Maturitätsschule) at the Pädagogische Hochschule Bern in 2006. Her studies of German,  History and Spanish she completed with a Masters degree at the University of Bern in 2010. Silvia is specialised in history of environment, economy and society and in 2011 published her masters tesis about nutritional changes in Switzerland in a book called  „Ernährungswandel 1946-1960. Die Anfänge der Konsumgesellschaft."

Silvia always felt that the hamster wheel of education in our performance society has squeezed her in a intellectual career while she could have been happy also with a simple apprenticeship, following her creativity and versatile talents.

So before and after graduating at University she travelled through Latinamerica, Africa, Canada and other regions, volunteering on different farms, learning about running a guest ranch, working with horses and leading horsetrekkings. At the Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch in Gold Bridge, British Columbia, Silvia completed her training as an outdoor guide in horsetrekking. 

When she got back in 2011 she followed her passion for writing. She worked as a journalist for a local newspaper during a year and as a texter for the Swiss Gübelin company during another year, where she published her second book: A biography about a Swiss pioneer in gemmology, Eduard J. Gübelin. During this time she studied part time to become a national acknowledged agriculturist. In automn 2013 Silvia completed her studies as an agronomist at the BBZN in Schüpfheim. From this moment on the way was clear for building up Silvias Farm. 


But of course Silvia does not yet run out of new ideas, aiming for new goals. After practicing Yoga for more than 12 years, in 2018 she started her education at  Kashish Yoga in India to become a Yoga teacher for different styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Aerial and Yin Yoga. She completed her 500 Hours Teacher Training in April 2019.

Vishu Profilbild.jpg

Vishwajeet (Vishu) Singh (*1993) was born Haridwar in India and later moved to Rishikesh, an important pilgrim place at the feet of the Himalaya. During his childhood, he learned Yoga and philosophy from his grandfather who was a renowned Yogi of his time and later from his elder brother Jagjeet Singh (Jaggi) who is also a great Yoga teacher. Vishu traveled across India and learned Yoga from many teachers which deepened his knowledge and experience of life. Today his classes focus on philosophy, pranayama and meditation. He followes the path of Hatha Yoga.

Vishu says, since childhood, there was always one question in his mind: What is the true meaning of life? This question made him practice Yoga every day. While studying in college he studied ancient Indian scriptures intensely. After finishing his education he thought of choosing Yoga as a career and sharing his knowledge of life with everyone. Vishu enjoys teaching and takes the classes playfully. His style of teaching is friendly and approachable both inside and outside the class. With Vishwajeet, you’ll dive deep into the ancient world of yoga philosophy, and be taught how to apply these teachings and themes in your classes and daily life.

Inka Seitz (*1974) is our instructor for Yoga, especially for Fascia Yoga.

She lives at Chiemsee in Germany, where from 2011 to 2018 she was working as a therapist in different clinics, practicing dance therapy as well as sports- and body therapy. 

Inka graduated as a Yoga teacher back in 2007 and got educated in Fascia Yoga in 2017.  She enjoys to share the positive experience of her last ten yogayears.

Again and again she feels fascinated by the quick beneficial effect on body and mind the different aspects of Yoga practice might generate in many cases.

Originally Inka was teaching Hatha Yoga following the Sivananda tradition. Today she also adds elements from dancing and flowing Yoga styles to her lessons. 

Through her experience she got by teaching at a psychosomatich clinic and working as a dance therapist Inka has a good flair for the psychological aspects of the Asanas and Pranayamas (respiration techniques).

Even though in our days people often are looking for distraction, strength and drive, she always finds a way to lead back to the reduced style of the Sivananda-Yoga, where she experienced the most intense relaxing and meditative moments.

Lara Bühler (*1986) is teaching Pilates and Yoga Vinyasa Flow in Lucerne, where she has her own Studio. Since 2017 she offers also Aerial Yoga Play and specialised gymnastics for women after giving birth. 

She appreciates very much to share her fascination and experience with our participants. 

Her ambition is to plan the classes with a wide variety of exercices. Lara's program is focusing on the perception of your own body and its alignment. 

After her education as a Pilates instructor in 2011 Lara completed the Yoga teachers training at AirYoga Zurich in 2015 followed by the  Aerial Yoga Play teacher training  with Jen Healy in Hawaii.


For more information visit Laras website:

or contact her at:

Mii-Ruum Yoga • Pilates • Wellness
Tribschenstrasse 19
6005 Luzern
+41 76 456 38 16

Shivani Dagan (*1985) works as a Yoga teacher in Bern. She lived for one year in the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, where she practiced Karma Yoga and completed her teacher training. Her Yoga-Asana practice is influenced by elements of Sivananda, Anusara and Vinyasa.

She is teaching since 2014 and regularly attends workshops and immersions to develop her practice and knowledge and to get inspired. She emphasizes the

importance of bringing the practice off the mat and into our daily lives. The tantric philosophy is an excellent tool for her, reminding her to stay present and awake. Her students say her classes are both challenging yet relaxing, full of humor and love.

Shivani studied visual art in Tel Aviv and also works as a filmmaker.

Her classes are in English.

For more information visit Shivanis website:

or her Facebook page English Yoga Bern

Stéphane Favre (*1972) lives in Grenoble in France. He’s trainer for kayaking, canoeing, climbing, free diving and scuba diving. His main professional activity is biologist and environment engineer.

Since always fascinated by nature, he found in outdoor sports the way to ally his various passions. He developed for a long time his taste to transmit his passions. His environmental approach to activities is one more for those who wish to go beyond the simple technical practice.

He is also passionate by the swing dances, and proposes regularly initiations into the blues dance. Don’t hesitate to ask him.

His interest in outdoor sports goes further than his function as a teacher, so when he has some time off Stéphane likes to practice watersports like sailing skipper, kite surfing, and telemark skiing.

This summer he joins two of our outdoorweekends teaching side to side with his partner Inka.

Stéphane speaks French, English and some German too.

To get more information or make up new plans, contact him at:

Stéphane Favre

 +33 (0)6 80 54 07 27

+33 (0)4 76 25 33 19

Maria  Nagy (*1968) is teaching our taster classes in Kundalini Yoga and Peak Pilates following the classic tradition of Pilates founder Josef Pilates.

Maria had different accidents since she was only five years old and suffered a lot of pain before at the age of 25 she descovered Hahta Yoga which helped her a lot.

24 years ago she got a book about Kundalini Yoga as a present. As at that time in Switzerland there where no courses yet specialised in Kundalini Yoga, she discovered this style first by herself with the help of that book. She found it was the Yoga style that matched her personality best. 

During some of our weekends Maria will offer tasters of this less known Yoga style to our open minded guests. Kundalini Yoga workes with the Kundalini energy combined with finger mudras, meditations, pranayama (breath exercises) and a mantra.

The goal is to awake the so colled Kundalinisnake that is connected to our vitality and our spiritual consciuousness.

"Heilung ist das Ziel, der Weg die Gesundheit, und am Ende steht die Erleuchtung"– Kundalini Yoga

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